Top 3 ways retail brands can use SMS to boost sales

Your emails can sit unopened in the inbox of the receiver for hours, days, or weeks. At times, they are directly sent to a “promotions” tab, spam folder, or the trash. On the other hand, more than 90% of all SMS messages get opened within 3 minutes. Therefore, availing the assistance of a SMS Service provider, and starting an SMS marketing campaign can prove to be a fruitful endeavor for your retail brand. SMS marketing can work wonders in improving engagement in each step of the customer journey, ultimately driving traffic and uplifting sales.

You can always make use of SMS Service API to implement a robust SMS marketing strategy, accelerate customer retention and brand awareness, and ultimately boost sales. There are many ways to use SMS to generate more sales for retail businesses, such as:

  • Establish a customer loyalty program with SMS: These loyalty programs are a great way to have customers coming back to your brand. The notion behind a good loyalty program is that the more loyal customer one is, the more rewards shall get. Such programs enable retail brands to reward subscribers with exclusive offers, discounts, flash sales, and VIP access to new products. Retaining existing customers through SMS loyalty programs would ideally be less expensive than acquiring new patrons.
  • Customer order journey update: In the era of ecommerce retail, SMS can effectively be used to engage customers by sharing the latest order updates, starting from “successfully ordered” and “out for delivery” to “successfully delivered”. SMS update send at each stage of the order journey invariably increases the customer trust, and makes sure that they have a friction-less purchase experience, without having to call your support team for order related queries.
  • To further strengthen the customer experience, you can share the order tracking link in the SMS. You may even share the product review link in the last trail message, after the product has been successfully delivered. Notify the audience about relevant events: Owing to their high open rates, SMS would be the best channel to notify both current and prospective customers about your brand events.  Notifying customers about events like new product launches, ongoing discount or sale, promotional functions, giveaway contests, and so on, would be a great way to keep them engaged. You may even send direct links in SMS so they can track any live event.

More ideas on using SMS Solution for Business can be found on the web.

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